Flint Main Office:

(810) 733-3200

(800) 962-6751

fax (810) 733-8835

Mon: 9am-7pm

Tue:  7am-6:00pm

Wed: Closed

Thu:  9am-1pm

Fri:    7am-5pm

Kimball Office:

(Port Huron Area)

(810) 985-6800

fax (810) 985-6808

Mon:  10am-5:30pm

Wed:  7am-3:00pm


Allergy injections are administered by appointment only at the Port Huron office.

Allergy Injections are administered up to 30 minutes prior to closing at all locations.

The above schedule may change without notice. Please call the office to confirm we are open.

Satellite Locations:

Birch Run
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Cookingham Allergy & Asthma Associates, P.C.

Prevention is Best!                                                    

The emphasis of our allergy office is to enable the patient to better understand and control their allergic condition. Identification and avoidance of relevant allergens is the ideal treatment. When avoidance is not feasible, medications and allergy injections may be helpful in improving allergen tolerance. Allergic conditions evaluated in our office include asthma, hay fever, eczema, hives, recurring sinus infections, food allergy, gluten sensitivity, and insect sting allergy. Our goals as your asthma and allergy specialists include:

Improve the quality of your health and life.
Help you manage your symptoms effectively.
Eliminate or reduce hospitalizations, emergency room visits,

    treatment with steroids, and absence from school and work.

We evaluate both children and adults. For additional information on making a new patient appointment, click the New Patients tab above. Thank you for choosing Cookingham Allergy & Asthma Associates, P.C. to evaluate and become an active partner in the management of your allergic condition.

Office Hour Changes & Announcements

Flint. New Thursday hours effective April 2, 2015: 7:00am-1:00pm; last allergy injection at 12:30pm. Thursday allergy injections by appointment.

Kimball. No upcoming changes.

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